Thursday, April 26, 2012

Procession of the Species Photos

A large group of spectacularly-garbed islanders paraded through Lopez Village last Saturday afternoon to celebrate the Island's second annual "Procession of the Species."  From toddlers in strollers to septuagenarians, participants were clad in a wide range of imaginative costumes. The event, very ably-organized by Beach Watcher Charlie Behnke and Amanda Wedow, and sponsored by the Lopez Is. Conservation Corps and Lopez Is. Prevention Coalition, perpetuates a tradition begun over a decade ago in Olympia to honor our planet and all it's diverse species.   A young turtle, who scooted the entire route on his tummy on a skateboard, some very busy bumblebees from Orcas, three different owls, a dragon, and many other feathered and furred creatures walked the parade route, accompanied by an assorted dozen percussionists, and it was fun for everyone.  Pictured here are the huge owl (created and held up by Charlie and two helpers,) two very impressive Tufted Puffins, and a GMO ear of corn.  The best moment of the afternoon happened before the parade when an invasive black slug (a.k.a. Nick Teague,) was lounging on the lawn, and a three-year-old boy sat down in front of him and began to feed him grass!

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